I just wanted to say that I fully believe in music therapy. Not to the extent that you should listen to an orchestra with no words, but just listen to what you like. I could be in the worst mood ever and if I turn up my radio, after a few songs I am usually more calmed down. I also believe that music can in fact change your mood. Think about it, when you are watching a scary movie, it’s always more intense just based on the music they are playing. In a sad movie, the music puts the mood over the edge that pushes you to tears. Some of the sound effects that go on with the movies also make some parts a whole lot funnier. I absolutly need music to do certain things, like wash the dishes. I’m not even really sure why but I do the dishes a whole lot faster when I am listening to music.


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  1. I totally agree too. 🙂 Whenever im sad or mad i go and listen to my music and im in a great mood after that . !! 🙂

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