Books to Movies


Every time someone reads a book then watches the movie, they say that the book was better. For one thing, I don’t understand why the movie people feel the need to change a story, like in the ending of My Sister’s Keeper. Why? Really, that books ending was amazing and you guys just slaughtered it. Even for the movies that are fairly close to the story line, people still prefer the books. I can’t quite put my finger on why though. I also like books better than the movies but I can place why into my head. Why is it that you guys like the book better than the movie?


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  1. The books have more detail, and more story. Even movies that stay close to the book are still sometimes missing small details. Plus, sometimes you are reading directly from a characters thoughts, you know what they are thinking and feeling like you never could by watching the movie.

  2. Movies from books are missing a lot of detail. Like the ending from “Dear Jonh”, I liked the books ending better because I felt it reflected their relationship better than the movies ending did. I prefer books because you can connect with the character better in most cases because, like Ellie said, you know their thoughts.

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