Books and Music


Do you ever hear a song and think of a book you’re reading or have read? Monday through Thursday I have to drive to Oakland University and back for my Masters class, so I’ve been listening to the radio quite a bit. I’ve heard a couple songs that make me think of one book inparticular, but I’ve also heard some songs that sound like they belong with a book (even if I can’t think of which one).

For example, every time I hear “Savior” by Rise Against I think of Beautiful Creatures. That song is just about perfect for Ethan and Lena. Then today I heard “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5, and that song too made me think of Beautiful Creatures. Why do I keep thinking of that novel?! Maybe I need to make a book trailer for it… Hmmm…

I heard Paramore’s song “The Only Exception” last night, and I don’t know which book that song fits with, but it definitely belongs with one. I have XM radio in my car, and I was bored with the other stations, so I put on station 9 which is all 90s music. “Name” by the Goo Goo Dolls (love them!!) came on; this song too belongs with a novel. Maybe I’m just feeling incredibly sappy since Keith’s gone for a week

Do any of you have songs that you connect with books? Have any of you made any, or thought about trying to make, book trailers this summer?


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