Weekend :)


This weekend my family went camping and on a tubing trip. I’d say there was a good thirty of us going down the river. It took us about 5 hours to make it down the river. I dont think I have ever had that much fun on our tubing trips before. Someone peed on someone else, some spit a jello shot out all over my thigh, we ran a guy over with our tube, someone else was flashing every. single. person. who went by, someone and I fell out of the tube and got thirty feet behind them, two people pooped and one of the turds was racing us down the river and won, squirt guns and rain had us more soaked than the river itself and, my dad had to be carried the last part of the way because the jello shots go the best of him. Needless to say, it was the best time ever. 🙂 I can not wait until next year to do it all again, (minus someone peeing on someone else) and I would love it if more people came. Nothing like a three to six hour party on the river 🙂


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    • Blahahaha, riiiiight Pops. I was there remember 😉 It was your lack of level-headedness that made the drowning so much sweeter to watch. Thanks again for letting me come with you guys. Waaay too much fun lol.

  1. wow sounds like fun minus the using the river as a toilet that is. I will work harder to save so we can join you all next summer again.

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