Not so Awesome


A very random mini rant.

This was definitally a not so awesome week. Sure I got my car and license, but four days later my car stopped working. Sure I started school Monday, but I don’t have my books yet and the classes have homework in the books already. I also got lost on the way to school and became a half hour late for a class. The schools internet access will not let me access it for some dumb reason. I am supposed to get my cousin from her house tomorrow to stay the night but I’m not so sure now because, well, I don’t have a car that works. This is also my last weekend for my job. Oh and because My car broke down I got to spend 15 hours up at the school. My poor cat is limping and still is whining to go outside but I’m not letting him out till he is better. Thats the second time he has come home and limped into the house. I can’t wait for dance to start, and I am hoping the new Zumba classes are on days that I can go and not Tuesdays and Thursdays. :\ I guess we will find out soon. Oh and my loan that I am trying to get, I still don’t have. I bruised my finger hitting the wall. I just realized I don’t know how I am going to pay for dance if I end up having to this year. My best friend doesn’t have a phone anymore. My other best friend is in high school still. Shopping day is coming up and I have no money to go, plus I have to go to school that day, but only in the morning. Everyone is against my hip piercing even though I will get them eventually anyways.


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