School :/


So college is just as boring as High School, if not worse because I don’t know anyone. Maybe its more fun if you live on campus and have the whole night life thing going on, but for me? It’s just a class at 8:30, a class at 1:00, and a class at 5:30. In high school I knew everyone, we grew up together in the same classes and in the same sports. Now I get to sit here and watch as each individual walks by. Some sit on their computers like I do, some are running to get to class because they woke up late, others are studying and walking at the same time. Everyone holds their shyness dear to them, if you ask a question they will answer it, but they don’t just start up a random conversation. Which I am ok with, I don’t feel the need to explain how I feel about something, or tell them my life story when I may never see them again on campus. Basically I can’t wait for these next four years to be over, I’m sure it will get better and all but I have always hated school. I hate having to study for a class I feel is very unnecessary. College is different in the sense that all my classes are in a different building, and each building is slightly different. It also differs because they have many food joints for you to choose from and not just the cafeteria.


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  1. You say everyone keeps to themselves. Why not start up a random conversation? You love the fact others can, so can you. All you need is a little more self confidance. Hell, your my daughter, and you watched me and Bean go off on some wild conversations before. You can do it too.

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