:/ A rant? I guess?


So, for the past few weeks I haven’t quite felt like myself. I guess I am partially writing this to see how many people will actually look at it without me posting it on Facebook, and to see if anyone else will mention my blog on there. I doubt it but what ever. Anyways, I seriously dread going to school everyday, probably more than the average person. My classes are super spread out for one, so for example, tomorrow I have three classes and a lab but will be in Saginaw for 13 1/2 hours. Ugh that’s disgusting. Going home I don’t really do anything either. I come home, go to my room, maybe watch a T.V. show with my mom, then sit in my room and attempt to sleep. It generally doesn’t happen since it’s currently 12:19 a.m. I guess I am also writing this to see if actually writing it out might help. I’m not too sure yet. I haven’t really talked to anyone in a while either. Sure I go to dance for six hours once a week, sure I go to book club, but like KayLee, Hannah, Bridget, I haven’t really hung out with them in a while, but I doubt that’s really the cause of my issue. I can’t even focus on my paper that is due tomorrow. Instead I am sitting in my room listening to music writing this, for whatever this thing might be. Speaking of work, I need to finish It’s Kind of a Funny Story before Saturday when Book Club meets up and goes to see the movie. Anyways, I don’t really eat like I used to either. I might eat one meal, maybe two, with some kind of unhealthy drink. As in today, I had TWO energy drinks and my Gramma’s dinner, which I didn’t even eat the whole proportion she gave me. By the way, it’s cold in my house and I also hate the cold. Maybe it’s the weather that’s doing this. . . . . nah. Oh right, I also don’t have a car because after FOUR days of driving it, the motor quit. So I have been waiting on that to get fixed since the first week of school. I suddenly also find myself watching my weight, which is really weird because 1) I never ever have before, and 2) I know for a fact I really don’t need to, yet at least twice a week I’m looking at the scale. What the heck? Well, I really know what else to have a mini rant about so now that it is 12:36, me and my 450 words are going to get back to the never moving Facebook and not sleep, because that’s what we do every night.


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  1. I think it’s good that you wrote about it, Caroline. It sounds like your stressed out and overwhelmed by everything. And that one day of the week might be a big source of that! I’d feel the same way if I was gone that long at class. Maybe you should call Kaylee and the girls to set up a day to hang out. That might help more than you think. I’m not sure about the checking your weight thing; you’re still pretty active so you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Just don’t start obsessing over it okay? If you need to talk it out or anything, I’ll listen, okay?

  2. Caroline. I have the same problem. I would talk to you, but I think that you secretly hate me aha. Seriously though, I kinda know what you feel like. I eat less and less and I feel left out of everything =/ The friends thing? I don’t have any close friends anymore. Kyle lives in Grand Rapids, and I wasn’t very close to any other people too much. If you don’t secretly hate me and you wanna talk, I will listen to you okay?

    • I don’t secretly hate you at all. I think you are hilarious, I just don’t really want to talk about anything. So typing basically to myself on here is what came to mind. Thanks though.

      • Well venting to someone else might help you out a lil more…just saying. You can talk to me if you wanna. I don’t bite…too much =) I don’t judge people, I just listen and I found out that even just listening can do wonders. Just putting it on the table for you

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