Ugh, October is fairly stressful with all the parties and costume finding and school. I need a costume for Wednesday before dance I just realized. My cop outfit is not 5-year-old appropriate. I do like that Halloween brings in some book give aways though, maybe I will win? Eh, maybe not. I don’t usually, guess we will find out. This past Saturday was super stressful though wow. I had to go to my sisters soccer game, take her to a birthday party, meet my mom at my grandmas, go to a funeral, come home and get dressed for a Halloween party. As if that’s not a mouthful. I do love Halloween though, I love dressing up in ridiculous costumes. This Saturday I am going to get my party on with my cousin! Woot! Maybe I will remember most of the night, and maybe not. Then Sunday I get to drag my butt out to Grand Blanc to go trick or treating with my groupies of like 12. All I’m hoping is that this weekend is as good as I hope, and doesnt end like the past few weeks have been.


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  1. If you need a cute costume for 5 year olds, go look at some picture books and see if you can re-create a character like Fancy Nancy or someone 🙂

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