Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am starting my day off with an egg mcmuffin that my mom is cooking me, partially because I am too lazy. My day has started off with the official email for me getting an ARC! Woo!! I am super excited! I sent out some text messages this morning and may have woken a few people. Oh well, at least they now know I care. I thanked a few people on Twitter but to save the utter jealousy some people have, I will leave it there.

Later today I am going to my Gram Jams house, I miss her. I used to go over every week before dance, but with the way my dance schedule is now, I cant. 😦 She still manages to bring me and Jenni dinner to dance every week. 🙂 Maybe me and KayLee will start stopping over there on Saturdays after our Zumba class. My dads side of the family will all be at my Gram Jams house today, and quite frankly, thats a lot of people for a one bedroom house. Oh well, I love them all and its always a party when we get together! Im shooting for a footy-pajama party on Christmas. Me and my Best Friend bought matching footy-pajamas at Target yesterday, so us 16-18 year olds are going to have a party with the 2-12 year olds on Christmas. Yes, we are just that cool!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope you have a fun and safe holiday!!


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  1. I love this post 🙂 And I’d like to see pictures of this footy pajama party lol. I hope you’re Thanksgiving has been great!

  2. great post, it was a great thanksgiving! I think its great that you and Kaylee will be seeing grandma on saturdays, she will love it! Now to find footy pj s for John hmmmmm love ya

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