Busy Busy….


So, last time we had book club we were supposed to read Nevermore; Kelly Creagh. I am pretty positive only two people finished it though. (whoops.) I only got to page 83! While I  am reading that I am also only halfway through four other books. One because I lost interest quickly, one I put down and haven’t gotten back to, one I (again) lost interest in, and the other I am not really sure why I havent finished it. Herrmmmm…… Anyways, I really really need to catch up on my reading because now my book club is reading Wake; Lisa McMann. My friend says it is a really good book and that she was “just steamrolled by a book and needs the next one now.” She has to wait until the next meeting though because she borrows mine and never buys her own.

Moral of the story blog post; I need to get crackin’ on these books!


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  1. Wake was seriously a great book, and I did buy beautiful Darkness all on my own lol Hopefully I won’t always have to borrow, sorry about that

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