Ever felt broken and battered inside? Like someone hollowed out your chest and filled the empty space with a dark heavy fog? Like your arms are too heavy to carry so you hang the weight of them in your pockets? All causing your mood to be so down you cant even glance up at the world? Do I tell them how I really feel? Because it wont come out all pretty and pink, it will come out like a dark and murky waterfall, rushing quickly at them throwing sediment in their eyes causing tears to flow to try and wash out my words. Ever lost all trust in someone within a day? Like the trust just slipped through the storm drains of New York? All I can say is that you are a corpse in the grave to me, I dont think I can stand to see you again. In my eyes you are now just a zombie that walks amoung us, I cant speak to you anymore because I have lost what mattered in this. I cant trust you, you will just eat away at me. It seems you keep secrets about as well as small pox orginally spread. You’ve told so many people already why dont you just post it on the internet? This is me putting up the Great Wall of China between us, have fun getting around it and coming back into my life.


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