Anticipate 2011


I for one can not wait for 2011. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m completely ready for it to be here. This last part of 2010 hasn’t been the greatest for me and I am ready to end it.  I am ready to pull myself out of this darkness and into brighter days. My 2011 week basically revolves around two things. School and Dance. Literally.
Sunday: Day off. Monday: School, School. Tuesday: Day off. Wednesday: School, Dance, School. Thursday: Dance. Friday: School. Saturday: Dance.
Yep, and somewhere in there fits my Book Club schedule and homework. Oh, and the 2011 Debut Author Challenge. (and a few non-debut books that I can not wait for [City of Fallen Angels; Cassandra Clare] [Wolfsbane; Andrea Cremer] [Sean Griswold’s Head; Lindsay Leavitt]) Basically I am determined to change the way everything is currently going and make it a much happier year. With or without a best friend, with or without a job, it will be a better year.


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  1. i hope it is a better year. And you never have to wait for a whole new year or even a whole new week. Each day is a fresh start. Except for Mondays. They often misbehave.

    p.s. your blog is very sparkly.

  2. Between dance and Wolfsbane, I dont think it does. Nightshade is my new favorite book so I am expecting Wolfsbane to be super awesome. Plus I love dance and am ok with it ruling my life. ♥

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