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Ok, maybe I am lame but I like getting signed items from authors. (and ARC’s) Anyway, yesterday I got a belated-Christmas-present from my former teacher. (The mailman was taking his sweet time) She got me some signed items from Neil Shusterman! His novel Unwind is one of my favorite books. 😀 I was/am super ecstatic! Now I have quite a few signed items! (even if the majority is all from the same author)



These are the lovely signed bookmarks I got! 🙂 I got ten of them, and they are promoting Shusterman’s book Antsy Does Time. I have no idea what to do with ten of them, but I still love them!


This is the signed brochure I got! He talks about himself and the back features some of his books. Loved reading it!


These are the fabulous signed postcards I got! They feature Unwind, which was already stated that it is one of my favorite books.



I also got these Simon and Schuster Children’s Pulishing index cards that he signed!! Woo!! Needless to say, I loved this Christmas present. 🙂

This is the post card I got from Kirsten Hubbard last week for her book Like Mandarin. I was excited to get this in the mail!




This is another signed bookmark I got. This is signed by Mindi Scott for her book Freefall. I also got this from my former teacher but not as a Christmas present.



This is the book Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson that I got signed after we had a Skype chat with her in my Y. A. Literature class.


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  1. The Mindi Scott bookmark is the only signed thing I’ve got. Chris has a little card signed by Dean Koontz though and I’m super jealous. Really cool blog Fren 🙂 It was worth the wait lol Now on to the shoes?

  2. When TPOG comes out with my new hot cover, Im going to send you a signed one. Also, when I have the group of 2K11’ers at my house for BEA week shennigans, I’ll sign up a bunch o’ crap (er, crap in the good way) for you. You just wait. 🙂

    Um, don’t really wait. Go do stuff!

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