Holding up what I said, the background has changed for the month! I wanted to incorporate some red’s and some hearts for Valentine’s Day, but then I also added in some wax lips and trolls off to the right. Why? For the book The Pull of Gravity by Gae Polisner. I was going to wait until May when the book releases but eh, changed my indecisive mind yet again. I think they actually go pretty well with the background. I like them, so they are staying. Gae is my friend on Facebook and I love that I have “met” her. (Sadly haven’t met her in person but I think it would be awesome) I read the ARC for The Pull of Gravity, and I loved it! I will post my review of it later on, but for now you can enjoy a fabulous review of it (and its fancy final cover) on the blog YA Love. Back to the background. I think that one day this month the whole blog is going to change, but just for the day, then it will be back to this fabulous-ness. Watch for it, see if you find the day, you’ve got approximately a weeks wait, but still. You will see why. β™₯


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  1. yes. I think everyone should sit here all day, between the snow, the hearts, Gae’s beautiful book (yes, I too have had the honor of having read it) and Caroline’s fabulous blog……..

  2. Well you could say that I am quite amazed that you know how to make all these fab backgrounds for your blog. Me on the otherhand, I just learned how to add a share button (and the only reason I could do that was because of your help!) But yeah, really cute!

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