For what you are about to read, I may (will) say nervous a zillion times. Bear with me, because I am….nervous.

My dance recital is coming up this weekend. My nerves are not prepared, not that they ever are. This is my 16th year dancing and my 4th or 5th year assisting. (I lost count, but it is somewhere around there) Every year I am still super freaking nervous. I stand backstage shuffling kids around, trying to change outfits, keeping kids quiet, running minor errands, running kids to the restroom, trying to find my shoes in the dark, trying to keep calm before I walk on stage, ect. ect. Yet every year I do just fine. Maybe I will make a mistake here and there but really, who doesn’t? I just have to hope that no one in the audience noticed it. Usually my mom is the only one who does catch it because she goes both nights.

Anyway, I have my hip-hop dance down really well. I am not worried about that one, tap I have down but I am not sure the other girls in my class do. That makes me nervous. Then we come down to ballet. When I say ballet, yes it is ballet on pointe shoes. I do not have the ending of this dance down, which makes me insanely nervous. Plus I have weak ankles or something and fall a lot in practice. Hopefully I don’t fall on stage.

Last years recital went really well, and I loved it. Though I love every recital. 🙂 Here’s some photos from last years recital.


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