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In My Mailbox (2)


This is my second In My Mailbox post! This week is not flashy as last time because I didn’t get much. I have been really busy lately! In My Mailbox is an internet meme hosted by The Story Siren.

The first thing I got was the book Girl Parts by John M. Cusick. I bought it because I found the phrase on the back funny and it made me want to read it. On the back it says, “Hello, David. My name is Rose. It is a pleasure to meet you. We are now entering minute two of our friendship. According to my Intimacy Clock, a handshake is now appropriate.”

I found it cute and funny, so I bought it. I came home to watch the trailer however, and the trailer isn’t my favorite. It made the book seem less intriguing. I am still excited to read it though. 🙂

The second thing I got, isn’t a book. I got a troll in the mail from Gae Polisner author of The Pull of Gravity. (Featured all over my blog this month with Wax Lips and Trolls except for on Monday, February 7th where my dads birthday is featured) I had the opportunity to read the ARC for that book and I loved it! I definitely recommend it. If you look at the picture you can see part of where Gae signed the tiny troll, and on the other side she wrote my name. ♥

That’s all I got in my mailbox this week, what did you get?




Holding up what I said, the background has changed for the month! I wanted to incorporate some red’s and some hearts for Valentine’s Day, but then I also added in some wax lips and trolls off to the right. Why? For the book The Pull of Gravity by Gae Polisner. I was going to wait until May when the book releases but eh, changed my indecisive mind yet again. I think they actually go pretty well with the background. I like them, so they are staying. Gae is my friend on Facebook and I love that I have “met” her. (Sadly haven’t met her in person but I think it would be awesome) I read the ARC for The Pull of Gravity, and I loved it! I will post my review of it later on, but for now you can enjoy a fabulous review of it (and its fancy final cover) on the blog YA Love. Back to the background. I think that one day this month the whole blog is going to change, but just for the day, then it will be back to this fabulous-ness. Watch for it, see if you find the day, you’ve got approximately a weeks wait, but still. You will see why. ♥