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Thanksgiving/Black Friday


Thanksgiving dinner was pretty good, I did however fight with my best friend who is about to lose best friend status. Other than that, I had a good time. Only my family would be able to take random twists and turns in conversations like we do. I find it almost impossible to offend us as we make fun of ourselves in the oddest ways possible. We all managed to stuff ourselves to the brim, I for one felt like an Oompa Loompa, although was not orange. Cant wait for Saturdays Zumba class to work that off. Are my Zumba buddies still going to go despite the holiday weekend? My other best friend did not make it to my grammas for Thanksgiving this year, but its ok, she actually got invited to her own familys dinner. Thats like a first! Oh at the dinner with my family, I convinced TWO kids to pull out a tooth. So now Jacob and Rachel have a missing tooth! Wooo!! That was fun to encourage/watch. I feel so accomplished. Also I told all the kids to not forget their footy-pajamas on Christmas.

I went Black Friday shopping with my cousin and my brother. Let me tell you, Walmart was a madhouse. Shoulder to shoulder waiting the whole time! One woman was three minutes from losing her teeth, she was getting on my last nerve. I did have to kick someone, and plow through the crowds to get from DVD’s over to Band Hero and knock some people out of the way so I got my $100 off game. When we were done with Walmart we went in search of breakfast. I was amused to find that almost no where was open! Tim Hortons was open… but didnt have breakfast. (wth?) So we ended up having to go to McDonalds, not our favorite, but it was food. We then went to Kohls which was the longest line ever, so we left without getting anything. The line literally wrapped all the way around three sides of the store. Not waiting. Oh yeah I almost forgot, before we left for shopping my ra-tard of a brother locked my keys in the trunk of my car. Good job brosif.

As for this morning, Melanie Welsh emailed me again and said she will post the ARC today! 😀 I am really excited to receive it!